Wednesday, October 22, 2008

over the hump

sleeping awake, earthquake, headaches....

this week has pretty much been exhausting. it's not that we have late nights or a lot of posture clinics or anything. my body just feels beat down and so over it. that is pretty much the consensus amongst the trainees. you feel stronger and then you feel weaker. you become more flexible and then you are tighter. class has been hard for me as far as flexibility goes. touching the toes has been a stretch- a new challenge to work through. in tonights' class the woman who taught said we are going through this pain in order to have compassion and empathy for our students in the future. if that is the case than i will be miss empathetic 08-09! i'm trying not to complain or dwell in it too much- because tomorrow will probably bring a new challenge or pain to work through. this whole experience has been much easier physically than i expected. now by no means am i saying it is easy but from all the horror stories people told me about training i really thought it would be hell and torture. some parts have been hell and a bit of torture but nothing major. so i guess what i am trying to say is that all in all it has truly been an amazing experience so far. 

delivered bow pose in posture clinic. my voice was calm- and more from the belly which was my homework from the last one so-great success! on to the next one!

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