Sunday, October 5, 2008

week 3-fight or flight

in anatomy this week we learned about the fight or flight- the acute stress response. most of the the time i am able to push through the stress with that inner voice in my head saying 'fight fight fight-lock your flippin knee and rock the posture like a champ!'  it's sunday and i think the flight part of it finally caught up to me. i woke up a bit sick and what did my crazy self decide to do? do more yoga even on our one day off! i just figured a class would clear away some of the junk in my system causing me to cough, have a sore throat and headache. it helped a little but i still feel crappy.

this week was difficult. i had visions in class of my family, me and my little brothers playing in the backyard when we were little and my mom. why does a 28 year old adult think about her mothers' love? well because i'm a big baby! :) no i think it because under these conditions...i miss that nuturing aspect. we are all thrown into this yoga monster together to only hope and pray we will make it out on top. there is no time to even think or pay attention to your current pain or worry because the time you spend giving it attention or energy will just get you behind. so we have but only one choice to push forward and onward. but god help me- some classes are such a beat down you wish you had someone to rescue you from your impending doom. 

went to the spa to study anatomy and sit in the suana to do dialog. one really cool thing about the spa at the hotel - they play bjork. it's amazing how some sense of familiarity of home can be channeled through a song. music can truly elevate the mind. it's funny here because in the little la cafe- where we go to grab drinks and salads after the evening class for dinner they blast pavarotti. i don't get it but whatever.

so we were told to know about 4 postures for next week and we have anatomy test tomorrow. yay for brain overloading. i have 1 posture down for the next week and i just need to review and perfect the other 3. so long for now- off to study study study.

to all my friends and family - i miss you all so much and i appreciate your love and support!


tvieger said...

Alli V!

You visited me yesterday, in the cinema of my mind!



Steve baker said...

alli - we miss you so much - we are very proud of you
Mom loved your visions of the family...stay strong & I hope
You feel better! Love, dad