Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yoga with a side of yoga and some yoga on top!

yes that's right folks- just when i thought week nine our final week was going to be wrapping up nicely...things slowing down- us seeing the light at the end of the tunnel- what happens??? MORE YOGA! not that i'm complaining- okay maybe i am just a little:) we had morning class as usual- we arrive for lecture, are showered, caffinated, and ready to sit for hours when it is announced we should go to our rooms and change into yoga wear. for what? a 2 1/2 hour posture clinic- which was great because trainees got to get up on the podium and do dialog. but the downside of that was doing yoga posture upon yoga posture and then some more yoga postures. it was ad nauseam! we took mini breaks in between postures- the even rows sat while odd rows did the postures and literally when i laid on my matt and shut my eyes i actually feel asleep for a few minutes. luckily i came too but other trainees were being woken up by staff. then we got a 30 minute break and got to come back and do what??? MORE YOGA PEOPLE! 

on to lecture for what? that's right ....more yoga! at least this time we will be listening about the yoga and not doing it. pray that bikram doesn't go past midnight-



Brian said...

Sounds intense. Do you know about these yoga books?


allison said...

i haven't but i have heard about them-thanks for sharing the link