Saturday, November 8, 2008

the other beach

after class kara and i headed to 'the other beach' (bonfile- sp?). we had seen everyones pics on facebook- laying in the hammocks- it looked so relaxing and we wanted to get away to practice dialog so why not kill two birds with one stone. got a cab over there and saw a whole different side of mexico. as we walked down to the beach it kind of smelled like carney food- hot dogs and funnel cakes with a side of urine- you catch my drift. or as bikram would say 'you follow me?' and as we were walking on the beach we realized we were the only non locals there. of course we got accosted by the jewelry ladies, sarong girls, and the 4-wheeler guys (yes i really grew up thinking that it was only big in texas or the country- who would of thought to do it in mexico on a beach). lots of other vendors approached us for massages, tattoos(removable), and lovely corn row braiding girls. finally we found a spot to get a rented chair and of course we forgot our towels. from the start we already felt uncomfortable but we thought what they heck?! lets order some lemonada and make a day of it. we get our drinks sit on the chairs with a lovely sort of plastic covering. i looked over at kara and said 'i feel dirty' and then removed a flee crawling from my stomach. not a second later kara said there is a dead ant and spider in my drink. seconds anyone? so we packed up our stuff and headed back. had to make a treck across the highway and got a couple of interesting offers for transportation. scary! we finally got a marked cab and got out of there.

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