Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 classes left!

a tweeked left knee, injured right hip, popped out right rib and a couple of heat rashes later.....i have arrived at this point. i have survived up to this point and honestly that feels really good. no earthquake or triple class can shake or knock this moment. i feel such a sense of accomplishment but with a dash of apprehension :) it is going to be weird to leave this yoga bubble of self discovery. 

at lunch yesterday i sat with a woman from germany, switzerland, and tel aviv. at no other time in my life will i have that global interaction/experience. you have to hand it to bikram for bringing together such an international audience. it is a pretty fantastic thing!

my face hurts from smiling. taylor is coming tomorrow and i couldn't be happier! i can't believe 9 weeks has passed by so quickly and yet it felt so slow at the same time- funny how that works. i am so grateful and content to have arrived at this point.



Mohan Rajoriya said...

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Rox said...

Congratulations on making it to the very last day! Only two classes left! Tomorrow will fly by. Enjoy it all and live it up for graduation. It is surreal once it's over... You've made it!!!
Cheers, Roxanne (spring '08)