Sunday, November 9, 2008

last weekend hurray!

saturday night after the beach fiasco i had a group dinner with group 15-woot woot! we went to casa de canoli better know as casa nostra. i had a diet coke with lime so i really felt drunk with caffeine. i'm living on the edge i know :) it was great to sit and talk with everyone out of the confines of our little box hotel rooms where we all watching and cheered one another on through the anxiety and fear of performing. i am so excited to see where everyone in our group goes to teach and possibly open studios. it will be so fun to to travel and visit my fellow yogis- group 15 is awesome.

on a more sobering note- kara and i just did a mock class for one another in our pajamas. from standing deep breathing to eagle- both sets both sides. two girls, a hotel room, one yoga mat, and that damn mariachi band. kind of sounds like a risque movie minus the band. we set a timer and everything. we both were right on time which is good. pranayama proved to more difficult than i thought. you can only say stretch your elbows up towards the ceiling so may times until your students will be bored of you. but we did it- we got the dialog out. no freeze ups or major meltdowns. the transitions were a little iffy but that will come with time. i am grateful we did it because the more practice i get..the more confident i feel. so on to moving to the standing balancing series. 

everyone is sooo excited to be done here. i was talking with some trainees at brunch this morning and it is funny because there is kind of a divide- those that have mock classes and student classes to teach asap and those who don't have anything set up. the first group is of course being forced to stay on top of the dialog and review out of sheer fear. the second group is able to relax and have some time when they get back to review and set classes up. little jealous of the second group but at the same time i think it is better to be fresh and teach asap.

i cannot believe i will be hugging taylors' neck in 5 days. i am filled with complete happiness and gratitude that i survived and thrived at teacher training. i cannot believe we are almost there. only 10 more classes to go!!! it is completely surreal. in order to commemorate this i have made a top ten list- so david letterman i know.

top 10 things i am NEVER going to miss

10- chula vista buffet
9- THREE classes a day!
8- constantly being water logged yet never having to pee
7- peoples nasty feet in my face during floor series and watching people 2 inches away from your mat wipe their snot on the towel- sick and more sick!!!
6- staring at someones' but to balance in row 10
5- having diarrhea before every posture clinic because of nerves/then having verbal diarrhea in every posture clinic
4- bikram 'love' cd- specifically 'i feel lonely' - feel free to look it up on itunes- bikram choudhury- bikram love cd
3- waking up early EVERY morning and not recognizing your face in the mirror
2- late night lectures
1- movie night till 2:30 am

top 10 things i will miss at teacher training

10- being surrounded by 300 people in the same boat as you
9- doing yoga every day
8- coconut water in an actual coconut
7- evening class with bikram- what can i say- when he says do something- i want to do it
6- feeling like i am in college again
5- drinking lime water by the pool while doing dialog
4- being able to eat 3 plates of food without being full...only in training
3- the spa, the spa, and more spa
2- bikram- yes the boss man himself- his sense of humor is hilarious!!! no matter how off color- you have to admit it- the guy is funny!
1- kara- my roomie/friend/confidant- if we didn't have each other through this experience it would have not been the same!!


tvieger said...

"We did freeze ups or major meltdowns!"

Favorite line from the whole blog!
I am so proud of you, have a wonderful last week~


Tara said...

Allison I can't wait for you to get back!!!! I've been thinking of you so much. How exciting?!?! When is graduation? Congrats, congrats, congrats. What an accomplishment!!