Tuesday, November 11, 2008

almost there

it's sooo close. i can almost smell the end. i feel like i am running a race- i can see my friends and family in the distance across the finish line but i am still running- i haven't made it to the finish yet. but i can almost taste the cold icy water awaiting me. that's how these last few days have been. you wake up so extremely happy that it is the last tuesday morning here, the last tuesday morning class, the last tuesday lecture..... a part of me is also going to miss it though. although this whole process has been challenging - i have done so much growing and self discovery in the 9 weeks i have been here. i am a bit fearful of being thrown back into the real world and see if all of the knowledge sticks. i'm scared of not doing yoga twice a day. i know that sounds crazy but i feel like it balances me :) at the same time i am happy and more aware than i have ever been. if i can be present and keep that mindset i will be good to go.

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