Wednesday, November 19, 2008

last few days

chilling with my hubby
texas represent- miss you danielle!
BYD in the house -so serious chutney face!
charlies' angels!
my lovely esZter-miss you!
love you kara!!!!xoxo
tv has arrived for the torture chamber and my last class!!

graduation with a sweet shot of taylors' chest hair!

things got hectic at the end and i didn't get a chance to blog but i didn't want to end my training with out a last commentary. my fans would hate me ;)

i added some pics of graduation and our final class for your viewing pleasure.

speaking of last class...during the whole time at training i managed to stay under the radar and bikram never really specifically yelled at/or corrected me in class. i was grateful for that. i did get a 'you two -hips DOWN!' but that was more of a plural correction. so for the LAST class i am standing with kara next to the podium in the second row(our fav front row spot was taken). bikram is already up on the throne and class is about to start in mere seconds. kara leans over and says 'you look tiny' which i immediately reply with 'it's an optical illusion- this top just hugs me in my smallest part' wrapping my hands around my rips right under my chest. without missing a beat bikram looks right at me (in front of the whole class) and says 'why you playing with your boobs? someone else is suppose to do that for you!' at that point all i could do was crack up. kara and i look at each other and start laughing hysterically. it was a moment. i glanced back to the visitor row to see if  taylor caught that and he was laughing too. good times at yoga boot camp-

taking my last class was one of the highlights of training for me. not because it was done-but because i did it. i didn't sit out once, didn't have to take a knee or lay down on my mat throughout the whole training. this was a huge accomplishment for me and maybe my ego a bit too ;) seriously though, it made me feel so strong knowing i remained standing that i finished what i set out to do. at the end of the last class i was filled with appreciation and gratitude along with an overall feeling of sheer bliss. an extra bonus was when they played track number 3 at the end of class from bikrams' lounge cd. the title translates to 'love is life.' 

i am loving life-

side note-i tried to add the video i took in the room but i don't have the software to compress it- so if any readers/yogis out there can compress my avi file i would be eternally grateful-


Danielle P said... that was you he was talking to!
That's hilarious : )
I miss you girl!

Emily Sue Orrick said...

Congratulations Allison!!!! I will miss your yoga boot camp blog entries. I will have to come up to Dallas and take a class taught by you! That would be awesome...what are your plans anyway? Have a great turkey day next week :-)

liss said...

Congratulations, Allison!! I'm so proud of you. You pushed through at some of the hardest times and didn't allow your head to get you down. :)

I received your post card! Thanks so much. I miss you, Lady. Hopefully you can come to LA soon, or perhaps there will be an awesome Coachella lineup that's worth coming for.... I already have the hotel rooms booked!

Love you!