Tuesday, November 4, 2008

free night

bikram said because we did our best class yet so we got the evening off to watch for the election results. kara and i decided to celebrate with dinner at the veranda, which really means dessert with a side of dinner. their oh so yummy coconut ice cream is better than any 'dinner' they have to offer. once the results were in, of course i had to gloat by calling my dad and reminding him of our little bet and that he now owes me 100 bucks. sorry dad- i love you but i knew obama would take the lead. now on to some posture re-viewage (yes i think i made up that word to commemorate george w and all his stratergery) and a little movie watchage. there i go again. 

and to all of my friends and family- thanks for the comments- i check daily so keep em coming. even though it is the end is near i need all the blog love i can get


tvieger said...

You are the best creative writer! I'm looking forward to some classadge when we come see you but for now some readadge will do~


Chris said...

Did you vote Bikram for president?