Wednesday, November 5, 2008

best chula vista ever

just when i think i couldn't stomach chula visit buffet again and who appears two tables over to add some spice to my life? enrique inglesias! no i do not like his music but he is pretty easy on the eyes -i'm not gonna lie. so at first no one is really noticing him then all the yogis sitting near are table start to whisper and stare at him and he puts on his shades. so hollywood :)

headed to afternoon lecture. there is a rumor we might have two classes tonight with bikram. i would say i'm afraid but at this point in the game-i am too tired to resist. bring it. beat the yoga into me. i already feel broken and weathered and still strong at the same time. what else can they do to hurt us?

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Anonymous said...

ooooh i want to see enrique!!! thats awesome!! ive been reading and im so happy for you--- although it seems really hard at times, you seem to be doing so well!!! keep it up--- almost done! see you soon hopefully!