Monday, November 3, 2008

final spinal relief

words cannot express how thankful i am to be finished with the dialog. i cannot even count the amount of 'rights/lefts, spine up, chest up, chin up, more forward, look back way back go back' that have come out of my mouth. each time i did the dialog there was a new challenge to work through, but as time has gone by i feel more self assured and confident.

i am also grateful to end on a positive note. auto from nyc was in our posture clinic today and he said i had very good flow and i had worked through my voice/throat issues- finally! it feel so good to have accomplished all that we have thus far. i feel like i can take on more than i ever thought i could. i never want to underestimate or sell myself short again. 

so cheers to being finished and on to grouping all of these strange words together as numerous postures. after ester did her dialog she came and sat down next to me and pointed to the word megkonnyebbules in her hungarian dictionary. megkonnyebbules means relief in hungarian. i could not agree more.


Christian said...

Congratul;ations and well done!
Take a deep breath, relax, then start stringing postures together and learning the left side!

It will help you tons when you get home. Try teaching a whole class, at least one set while you are still there.
But also take some time to have fun.
Good luck!

tvieger said...

Please, don't sell yourself short NO MO! you are extraordinary!

Angela said...

Hi Allison!
I've loved checking out your blog throughout your training. It's like a dramatic yoga reality show! Between the election ending & you wrapping up your yoga'ing, it's gonna totally upend my daily web reading! ;)
It's so amazing what you've committed too. Good luck and stay strong!:)

allison said...

thanks you guys- i appreciate all your love and encouragment!