Wednesday, March 4, 2009

meet ewok

introducing ewok! or widget..well we haven't decided on a name. honestly we haven't decided if we want to keep this little guy or not. one of taylors' co-workers brought him to work in search of a home for this tiny pomeranian. taylor and i never wanted a small dog BUT what isn't there to love about this little stinker? has anyone seen the awesome movie from 1984- 'the ewok adventure'? well that's where we came up with the name ewok. cindels' little buddy and adorable ewok friend is named wicket so that is an option too. right now ewok is just staying with us until we decide if we want to keep him.

last pic is none other than cindel and wicket- too cute! please tell me someone else grew up watching this movie other than myself :)


rayne said...




i thought you guys were getting a cat!!! hahaha, this dog is hilarious! so cute

clark said...

wowwwieeee...if you name it ewok than i think you should keep it. then later you can get a big dog and name it chewbaca