Sunday, March 22, 2009

first days of spring

gross- but in my defense i had been crying and do have mascara all over my face 
and plus my knee hurt like hell! see below

colorful bromiliads at north park

spring is officially here! yay! one of my favorite things to do at this time of the year is sit out on a porch when the sun is still out and just relax and chat with friends/taylor :) saturday night after i taught class we were on a hunt for a porch to chill on and i suggested cosmic cafe because i really enjoy the vibe there. we took some pics and really enjoyed our meal. we found it hilarious though that people come to eat a healthy vegetarian meal here yet they can't refrain from smoking!?! seriously? tofu doesn't go well with rat posion. come on people- doesn't that defeat the purpose? anyways -sorry to go on my rant. i swear...i didn't let the smokers steal my peace. there was a deck of tarot cards on the table and taylor and i had quite a time 'impersonating' card readers while telling one another what the future holds.....according to the cards that is. we will just say there was a lot of rising suns and past moons and meeting of the makers and cosmos. good times.

taylor got me a road bike so we could ride together- thank you husband! i usually rock the mountain bike or banana seat beach cruiser. this afternoon i received a exciting and unfortunate tutorial from none other than quick gears lance tv armstrong. unfortunately it was a bit wobbly. and by wobbly i mean crash and burn FAILURE! so i clipped in with my new shoes- got the left foot in then proceeded to take it for a downhill spin down the driveway. taylor is behind me saying 'make sure to use your brakes'...i proceed to test the breaks saying 'yeah i got it''s not my first rodeo. in that moment some how my right foot clips in - i pull off onto the front lawn to bail out because i feel a bit wobbly. so i pull into the grass then the whole bike falls on top of me and bangs my left ALREADY injured knee from yoga and yes- falling down the front steps in flip flops when the sprinkler was on!!!!! and i apologize to my neighbors for the expletives that simultaneously came out of my mouth. 

needless to say- i need to be more careful. that is what i have been learning with all these recent injuries. also failed to mention that i hurt the good ol' si joint on the left side in yoga on friday. i didn't get to do advance class- i was really bummed. but i did learn an important lesson- listen up kiddies: be careful, listen to your body and yes push yourself but at the same time no when to say when and take a break. as bikram would say 'take it easy honey.' 

i posted some pics post injury and cry fest for you viewing pleasure


tvieger said...

Lancette! There is no one I would rather downhill at top speeds with than you! Make sure to clip out like this: twist and out!


liss said...

I love you even more after reading this!

Hope you're knee gets better. :)

sara s said...

i see the road bike giving you the evil eye in the background...

poor thing, i hope your knee is ok!

so glad i have you in my life. you are great.