Thursday, March 26, 2009

welcome home taylor!

the welcome home masterpiece :)
taylor ready to chow down but i am making him pose
taylors' taco (has a ring to it :)
my taco(don't be a perve)
taylor has been out of town for work and i missed him so much! he had a late flight in last night and to celebrate his arrival and LOST(hello?!) i made him red snapper tacos-they were delightful! i made a fresh salsa of avocado, red pepper, and mango that was super tasty on top. the snapper was seasoned with cajun seasoning and lime/chili sea salt. i also had some slaw, cilantro and a drizzle of blood orange/lime for toppings. taylor loves sour cream(don't we all) but i get so conflicted when i go to buy it because of all the fat that i just used 0% greek yogurt- so tangy and tasty. and the corn tortillas were from whole foods- 3 ingredients- stone ground white corn, sea salt and water. delish!


orbit said...

mmm i love greek yogurt

allison said...

we should have you over for dinner and some fage!