Friday, March 6, 2009


oh so modern digital clock
another cool clock

ultra thin toaster-even the toast look skinny!

posh coffee maker- i don't even drink coffee- but it would be cool to make for the hubby with this contraption

love these beautiful gadgets!

just received the new MoMA Design Store catalog. uhhh- one can dream. there are so many beautifully designed objects i desire. i have added a few pics for your viewing pleasure...and just in case you want to get me a late b-day gift ;) 

p.s. update on the potential puppy- through much deliberation and discussion taylor and i decided the little guy wasn't right for us. precious and oh-so-lovable but just not us. i can never imagine owning a dog that is smaller than my purse. it just reminds me of paris hilton. 

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