Friday, March 27, 2009

spell check and other mishaps

so let's just say i had the funniest typo in an email ever today. i was writing to someone about a job opportunity and i said 'i can commit 2 times week'. because i didn't put a double 'm' in the word commit on my stupid iphone it read 'i can vomit 2 times a week.' classic - really allison?! seriously i cannot make this stuff up. 

another amusing(depending on how you look at it- could be completely idiotic as well) thing happened to me. i was loading up a to go box of fix ins early this morning at the whole foods salad bar for something for dinner- yes i like to plan ahead. i had a doctors appointment and me and one salad bar brouser were the only ones there. i go to pour a little balsamic vinegar into a to-go container and it has a hole in the side- immediately drizzling all the way down the side of the counter. being the dedicated whole foods lover/customer i am, i get some napkins and clean it up. decide to grab the balsamic dressing(less healthy but i need some dressing dang it!) and star to pour that into the to go container. hello - a drop smaller than my eye drops comes out. i turn it up right- sort of shaking it up in hopes to de-clog it and from out of the sky- it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's dressing! a huge glob of it landing directly on top of my HEAD! perfect! great way to start the day. smelly and tasty dressing right at my roots- brilliant. it was quite the bridget jones moment. sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and hope no ones watching-life is too short not too. 

hopefully this weekend no major spills, falls, crashes or other craziness will never know though. i am beginning to feel like alice in wonderland :)


sara s said...

oh my gosh, i am cracking up! alli, you are the best.

allison said...

i try to keep you entertained my friend. i try :)