Wednesday, March 11, 2009

guilty as charged

normally i have excellent taste in music and movies .....BUT everyone has their guilty pleasures. i have a confession to make: i love dance movies! that's right, you heard me. it's out there- i said it. i don't know if it's the awesome dance moves, the over the top plot line (girl gets involved with a guy from the wrong side of town, falls in love against her friends and families' wishes and they make sweet dance love on the dance floor), the rap music, or the lead hot 'thug' male role that appeals to me. sadly - it is probably all of the above. i can't believe i am actually admitting this in a public forum. i guess the truth hurts. here is a clip from the final dance scene in step it up 2: the streets.

p.s. some of these sweet dance moves are similar to advance class...seriously


rayne said...

are you into bollywood?

you should rent bride and prejudice if you are!

allison said...

LOVE bollywood too! looking forward to seeing you soon :)

liss said...

FACT: the number one reason girls in our age group all love cheesy dance movies is Dirty Dancing.