Saturday, March 14, 2009

make your own pizza night!!!

welcome to friday night 'make your own pizza night'!

the doodle placemats
my beautiful sister in law hilary got these for me! so fun!!!

our finished masterpieces
pizza topping station
a hot pizza pie fresh out of the oven
rayne, taylor and aubin- aren't his sisters beautiful!
some french girl that didn't want her pic taken:) 
friday night was make your own pizza night at the vieger casa. taylors' beautiful sisters came over and we had so much fun. seriously who needs to go out when you can stay in and have good food and conversation with good friends? we really enjoyed ourselves- aubin and rayne - you should come over more often. and thanks to hilary for the awesome doodle placemats. we learned about new creatures and had fun drawing them as well. art time is my favorite time..with my favorite guy:) tv.


rayne said...

yay! so much fun :)

Hilary Baker said...

Pizza night!! so fun! :) Loved that you used the doodle placemats!!!! They had your name all over them....

allison said...

thanks again hilary! they were a hit!

gabby said...

This is so adorable. I love your dining table! When did you get that?! How fun!