Saturday, March 7, 2009


hear this: sleepyhead 

hear: tunnelvision
hear: blood bank

hear: keep the streets empty for me

hear: my girls

here are some songs that i have been jamming to lately. i love how music can instantaneously lift your spirits! 

'sleepyhead' - passion pit
'tunnelvision'- here we go magic
'blood bank' - bon iver
'keep the streets empty for me' - fever ray (lead singer of the knifes' solo album)
'my girls' - animal collective


Angela said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the knife! i haven't listened to fever ray yet though... :)

allison said...

i'm addicted to the song by the knife 'pass this on' - love them. glad to hear you are a fan too angela! a lot of people don't get them but i think they are rad- yes rad :)

how's the yoga challenge going?

rayne said...

i'm in love with merriweather. bluish and daily routine are my favorites.

are you and taylor going to see them live this summer?

Angela said...

yoga is going good. i just finished my 7th day/first week! i've never done yoga that consistently in my life but i always wanted to... and now i am... so that's exciting. i also feel loose & energized, like my body's been woken up from a deep slumber. i've been taking classes from teachers i never went to before and that's cool... and the i'm learning and getting better by the day. it's completely reminding me (and my muscles) of when i was an athlete & practiced every day. kind of woken up that inner athlete in me. so, yeah, it's great so far. thx for asking! :)