Thursday, February 19, 2009

reasons to smile

it's my birthday...yup thats right i am twenty-three! :) in honor of my ahem...23rd birthday i have added some pics of things that make me smile. 


carol b said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter! Your birth 29...Oh, I mean 24 years ago made me a mom, which is my favorite role and the one that has brought so much happiness to my life! I thank you for that. You have made me so proud.
Enjoy your day!
Love, MOM

dad said...

ok, so mom wrote a really cool comment - well, I love you also - very much - your yoga business should increase dramatically since I survived - if I can do it, anyone can! Proud of you!!!

rayne said...




haha, happy birthday, allison! can't wait to meet the new baby kitten!

i think you both know you need to name it after me...;)

liss said...

what is this new baby kitten talk!?!?!

(I asked J what he would do if he came home from NYC and we had a new kitten.. He wasn't having it.)