Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentines day fun!

for valentines day taylor and i woke up and did the 8am yoga class(thanks to tay for coming with me)! then met up with jenilee and andy at dream cafe for brunch. it was yummy and great fun to laugh with our funny friends. we basically re-enacted all the highlights of this seasons' office. hilarious!!!! we then decided to get our grocery shopping done on saturday instead of sunday because who goes to central market in the middle of the day on saturday. apparently everyone in dallas! it felt like the streets of new york- it was sooo crowded. it brought me back to my clown parade days of grocery shopping at the local walmart in acapulco. good times. there was nothing to do but laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation. needless to say-it was a mad house!!

then we had some fun painting pottery. yes- i love to do art people. it is my happy place. basically also the only reason i want to have children- is to do art with them...oh yeah and procreate my species or something along those lines...:) anyways- i really enjoyed painting with my hubby.

at night we went back to suze- sat at the same table, had the same waitor, and ordered the same thing as 2 years ago! creature of habit...not me.

also posted some pics of my homemade creations for taylor- enjoy!


Danielle P said...

aww! you got to paint pottery! how fun =)

allison said...

you should try it with jesse- it was a blast!