Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 before 31!

as some of you remember i posted my 30 before 31 list a while back
i've made a lot of progress with scratching numbers off the list
yet no progress in documenting my greatness :)
thanks for the reminder beth

on this chilly thursday i'll leave you with some pics of warmer times

NO 1
run a 10k
tour des fleurs
in september at the arboretum
(look dorry- a 4 and an 8 in my race number?!!)

NO 25
go on a hike with the hubby
this was taken in santa fe in august
when we were celebrating our 3 year!

stay tuned for more to come!
what have you crossed off your list today?

1 comment:

Dorry said...

I love this! And that is awesome about your race #. I'm about to cross half marathon off my list. And I really want to plan a long road-trip with Billy after the new year. Hmmmm...I need to go look at my list again. :)