Wednesday, December 8, 2010

it's the holiday season

that's right folks
the holidays are here!
it's time to go full christmas
let the madness begin!

seriously though- how do you stay grounded when
thursday night through sunday night is booked for the next two weeks?
you have to pace yourself so you will have enough
holiday cheer to go around and make sure you stay healthy

i like to re-group by keeping close to home and staying in as much as possible on the nights that we don't have something-that combined with good sleep, healthy food, supplements and yoga & crossfit keep me going strong. i have really been enjoying our home shining with bits of holiday sparkle here & there

our dining room
the succulant wreath on the cake stand
a surprisingly fun find at home depot of all places?!

christmas tree- oh chritmas tree
a cool vintage accent from target!

our 'fun' little tree
avacado ornament found in santa fe

yes i put mustaches on christmas presents :)
so what?!

the big tree and presents below
i found the lovely vintage inspired christmas tree skirt on etsy
courtesy of cookie baker
thanks mom!

what do YOU do to stay sane over the holidays?
dine in or dine out?
rent a movie or see it in the theater?
acupuncture or massage- only kidding on that last one:)
kind of

1 comment:

Dorry said...

I LOVE your avocado ornament and the mustache on the wrapping paper is pretty much genius.

I love to stay home and cook when we can. We haven't ventured to the movie theater in months and I think it's because we love our new apartment so much.

I am really excited to go look at Christmas lights next week. That's always a pleasure.