Monday, December 13, 2010

weekend wrap up

happy monday everyone!
how was YOUR weekend?
mine was fun. taylor and i have discovered the show parenthood
and have been watching it marathon style on hulu. sunday we got to catch up on a couple of episodes.
saturday we were running around town- i tried to document some of our fun.

saturday morning
on the drive to yoga
white rock lake was covered in fog

crossfit competition
on our hike up to a timed run, kettle bell lift, and weighted sack lift
very intense and inspiring to see in person

a top of the course
so windy!
our coaches from crossfit dallas central
outside lifting

R+D kitchen
sunday brunch
and of course the angelic taylor

my fav- ahi tuna salad
hold the potatoes and cheese please
actually taylor takes my side of goat cheese every time

one word
that might be a small nilla wafer tucked into the yogurt goodness

this week is going to be nuts!!! we have something wed- sunday including hosting a party at our place. i'm plan on praying a lot (for
sanity), doing yoga, cleaning our house like a mad woman and burning off some tension at cross fit to stay sane.
speaking of parties- we have 2 white elephants to go to this week.
what do you bring to a white elephant-
naughty or nice?
any tips? i'm kind of stumped as what to get?

1 comment:

tvieger said...

OH EGG NOG! I always say the more inappropriate the better when it comes to White Elephant gifts.