Tuesday, December 21, 2010

weekend wrap up

toulouse cafe
chocolate souffle
don't worry, i shared nicely

saturday morning fruit salad
counter act the damage from the day before

men who hug
taylor and his dad steve at steves' 55th birthday party

uncle and cousins

my beautiful sister in law- aubins' handmade wreaths
i LOVE them!! the middle one is my favorite
trying to convince her to start an etsy shop

pre- party white elephant pics
taylor and i had to pose before our guests arrived

the white elephant fun
i think these are their thinking faces about the rules :)

we are normally dairy free at the vieger house
but it was lovely to indulge

birds' eye view of the table
or lee lous' view- that little rascal was noshing on our goods when we were looking

i'm so ready for christmas
we are having guests stay with us wed night and thurs night
so i am trying not to freak out about the details
and it all coming together

still need to make banana pudding for my side of the family
and gingerbread for taylor (his non paleo treat for christmas morning)
and my christmas morning frittata

what are YOUR last minute to-do's before the 25th??


Dorry said...

That chocolate souffle looks divine! And I agree that those homemade wreaths are so, so cute. Your party looked like a total success. I have some baking, making and wrapping to do. I also have the daunting task of loading a bunch of photos onto a photo frame for my dad's gift. I'm looking for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe for Christmas morning - that's what billy requested! Can we really try to meet for tea sometime next week?

allison said...

i would love that dorry! what day is good for you? if you want to email me-instead of us corresponding through blogs- not that there is anything wrong with that :)-

my email is avieger@hotmail.com

i'm sure your cinnamon role will be divine! and maybe if you wanted to get a 'dorry' version you could pick up the vegan ones at crooked tree

tvieger said...

My last minute Christmas task is to make room in my belly for that entire gingerbread loaf.