Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snail mail

today i'm a little sad.
i'm mailing christmas packages to all my best girlfriends.
from austin, to denver, to new york city, to kauai, and los angeles-
they are everywhere but close to me.
what makes me really sad is that i won't be seeing any of them over the holidays.

i just want all of them to be
for the holidays

i know it's selfish of me and very wishful thinking but i miss them!
and if i had endless funds for travel i would go visit them all the time
BUT that's not my reality- wish it was!
most of all i miss connecting
with each of them in our own special way.
what do YOU do when you miss your girlfriends?
how do you keep in touch despite the miles?

if any of you chicas are reading- NO MORE SNAIL MAIL(don't get me wrong- i love mail)
but i love YOU more!
please come visit me- it has been too long!

your long lost friend

1 comment:

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you know i feel you!! :)

i am so thankful for skype. when i went to dallas last week, it really felt like i hadn't be away bc of skype. it feels like we get to have normal conversations all the time. :)

{and yes- those were my boots. £15! i wear them... oh, every day. hah!}