Friday, December 10, 2010

this and that

my parents live a couple of streets down from us and although we live so close we both have such busy schedules that i rarely hang out over there BUT yesterday was an exception.
i took some time off from designing and decided to take
a 'luke day.' it was sooo fun to hang out all afternoon and evening.
no words can describe how happy you feel when you make this little man smile

in other news- i'm officially obsessed with
sadly- i've gotten taylor hooked too:) don't say i didn't warn you!

not that i'm traditional or anything but this is going to be our non-christmas christmas card pic. i got the hookup with some awesome paper to print it on thanks to a special someone ;) you know who you are. i'm going for a budget friendly card this year and trying to mail it postcard style. i'm really excited to see how it turns out!

oh and GUESS WHAT?!
AVDESIGN now has over 100 followers on twitter.
confession: i still don't know what i'm doing twitting
and what not BUT i am sooo excited to have followers
kind of dorky i know but that's me!
maybe you could give me some tips:)

i'm excited for this crazy weekend to begin
holiday parties, shower tile to pic, a crossfit competition to watch, yoga to take,
and lot's more fun along the way
hopefully i will remember to snap some shots along the way

have a great weekend!

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Dorry said...

I love the idea of a Christmas postcard! I also love spending time with my nieces. Absolutely makes my day. Have a great weekend!