Monday, December 6, 2010

much needed break

most of the time i try to do too much at once

i leave one project up and running while another starts as i start another one and so on....
i just need to focus on one thing and finish it then move on to the next
i swear- brushing my teeth while talking on my iphone while dressing- normal for me.
this weekend (sunday specifically) i decided to take a break. a break from work, a break from blogging, a break from documenting the highlights of the weekend via iphone and camera.
i promised taylor i was going to have a
tech free day
no checking email, no iphone pics, no designing- nada. it was more difficult than i thought(in fact i caved after 7pm). after church i went to check my iphone for email- forgot the rules and put it down. at brunch went to send a text- once again i forgot and put the phone down. it's strange to me that these habits of needing to stay connected keep my hand glued to my phone. if we were in europe in a beautiful museum i hope i wouldn't be looking down
at my iphone checking to see if i missed a text.

do you find yourself being addicted to staying connected?

this holiday i am going to make an effort to try to
CHECK IN and be present with my family
instead of checking out with my phone

(during brunch, because my iphone was off limits, i was looking around at the other dining tables
and i couldn't help but observe the little 8 year old girl with her iphone texting away, or watching youtube- whatever she was doing she was glued to her phone and didn't look up?! technology is taking over the kiddos too!!)

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Dorry said...

good for you to make that effort yesterday! I find myself longing to be connected far too often. And with that, it's time for me to turn off the laptop and go to bed! ;)