Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend wrap up

happy monday!
i'm sitting at my desk a little tired from the weekend
but looking back at all these great pics,
it was so worth it - i enjoyed every minute of it!

friday night started off with this
no biggie- just some olympic weight lifting at crossfit dallas central
check out the pic i 'quote-boxed'
it was added to the site for todays' WOD
isn't taylor strong? he deadlifts me into bed every night;)
sidenote: not pictured was the yummy sushi date with cookie bake, my mama
g-pa was out
of town so we went to lower greenville with the carol- good times!

saturday morning started off with this
our first edition of craft n laugh
let the party begin!
hear no evil/see no evil/speak no evil
unless it's some mad crafts yo?!!
the beautiful hostesses for the brunch and crafty bash
saturday afternoon taylor and i ran some errands
grabbed a late lunch/early dinner
and headed to ali's surprise bday party at bar celine
she's the ali on the far left
i had so much fun catching up with my crossfit girlfriends
outside of the daily torture of the gym
and this guy-love this man
on sunday we woke up to these beauties
and trouble makers
took a glorious bike ride to whole foods
stopped for some refreshment
i think this is taylors' annoyed face
because i was taking so many pictures and kept on insisting he just be natural
walked over to curiosities antiques for some exploring
found some snakessssssss-shout out to baby luke!
and the perfect ending to the weekend
was dinner and drinks on the porch at meddlesome moth
with two of my favorite people
t-money! (that's rachels' nickname for tay)
rachel, ray-con, racy
fellow book clubber, crafter, blondie and dear friend:)
after dinner we headed to angelika to watch
a must see
for anyone who loves new york, photography, fashion.....
or if you have a love for the arts or just a general appreciation for beauty
one minute i was laughing out loud...the next crocodile tears!
thanks to racy for seeing it again with us:)
you made the night that much more fun!

ok-this is a long post but seriously i could blog on and on about the weekend fun
but i need to get some work done
oh my gosh that rhymes
i'm such a dork
as an even bigger dork says
seacrest out!


Taylor Vieger said...

SEACREST OUT! Classsic! You are the funniest person I know~ Seriously though, just act natural.

Laura said...

Such a fun weekend. I will have to own that Bill Cunningham documentary one day