Wednesday, April 6, 2011

letters from luke

good morning friends!
i'm excited to bring you the first edition of
letters from luke(my cute nephew)
ok officially they aren't letters
{but i like the alliteration}
more like pictures of luke

our morning started off with
backyard playtime and watching the wind
then some
'where's lukes' belly button?'
he was happy he found it:)
puzzle time!
cuddle time
my absolute favorite-he makes the cutest noises
when he goes in for a hug&cuddle
open and shut the doors
what a big boy!
check out those climbing moves!!
he's on the go
i can barely keep up!
luckily for aunt alli
it's currently nap time;)
no really- i miss him already
i can't wait for my cuddle when he wakes up


Taylor Vieger said...

What a mover and a shaker! That boy is faaaaast! I'm jealous- I wish I could run around in a polo. some undies and some running shoes. LUCKY!

Stephanie said...

Hehe. SOOOO cute! Luke is adorable. Cuddles are the best!

Dorry said...

So cute! He's like a cuddly teddy bear. I have 2 nieces, so maybe I'll have little boys one day?? :)