Friday, April 8, 2011

5 on friday

it's friday and i couldn't be happier
i'm excited for the weekend and all it's glory
so with out further ado here is my
or five on FRI
or cinco el viernes

DIY catus planter
the epitome of my ideal weekend
carefree, enjoying nature and relaxing in the sun
looking forward to this amazing documentary
that gives us a glimpseinto the life of the man and photojournalist

i am in love with the second photo
so cool how he gets down to capture the fashion moment
side note-please join us!!!
taylor and i are planning on seeing this on sun at 7:30 at the angelika

i am hoping to check this
at the nasher very soon
basically it's a room that is filled, floor to (almost) ceiling,
with approximately 9,000 gold balloons!
what's not to love???
and last but not least
what is the weekend without a jump, skip and hop
on over to bishop arts?
the public trust and we are 1976 are involved
i'm in!
i'm going to drink 5 cups of coffee
so i can finish my friday to do list......
send off designs, decide on paper, trip to printer, target, cook for sat, dishes, organize office,
clean bathroom, laundry, crossfit- the list goes on!!

this self-proclaimed music snob may or may not
be listening to the justin timberlake radio on pandora


Taylor Vieger said...

If I wrote you symphony...
Ain't another woman that could take your spot my LOOOOOOOOOVE!

Rachel Johnson said...

i need to be involved in each and every one of these activities.

allison said...

it's a plan rachel!

but seriously(said in dd girl voice:)- we should do movie night sunday!