Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TV tuesday

i will be honest
i love TV
i also love Taylor Vieger
after all he is my husband

vintage television ad from the 50's
seriously- get a life!
i would like to replace my tv viewing with more book reading
but for the record i've never seen jersey shore
love this
last night after taylor and i got home from crossfit
we made dinner, cleaned up in the kitchen and sat down for some chill time
usually that involves surfing the tube or seeing what we have tivo-ed
but for some reason not planed at all
last night we both ending up reading instead
and you know what?
so despite the fact that i look forward to modern family, the office, and a couple
of ridiculous shows i'm embarrassed to own up to
this new found tv break is something i'd like to practice more often

what are your can't miss shows?
or as my sweet grandma calls them-programs

have you ever taken a prompted break from tv?


Stephanie said...

We got rid of our cable at the first of the year. We did it mostly because it was such a time suck and we wanted to be more productive. I also love reading so it's been alright without the tv. I have learned to stay much busier without it. Although this week I have full intentions of figuring out how to watch my *programs* online. :) :)

I love that poster.

allison said...

Stepanie-when I was at teacher training I did the same thing. But once a week my roomate and I would watch our 'programs' online. Really-thanks to hulu we don't need tvs-

I agree with you though-I get more done!

Dorry said...

I have to admit - I don't really like TV! I loved Sex & The City when years ago and still watch the reruns, and we watch the Office every now and then, but I always get distracted!

Brooke said...

yes and it is SOOOO worth it. You don't need what they're selling and you have too much to do to sit in front of that thing that turns your brain to mush! DO IT! You will be so glad you did. PS - My Dad's name is Taylor so I like your hubs already! xo