Tuesday, April 19, 2011


this past weekend in indio california
COACHELLA 2011 happened!
a 3 day music festival that takes place once a year and is truly amazing!
i am paying homage to the splendor that is coachella
and posting a pic from my 2007 visit to indio for coachella

i was a complete hot mess for all 3 days...
but it was so worth it!

this years' amazing lineup
here are some of my favorite fashions
sported at the festival

oh diane

how cute is she?

easy breezy

i am looking forward to some outdoor summer shows
i'm super excited about arcade fire next week
at the dallas arboretum.
what better way to unwind
than on a lawn with a blanket,friends, and good food and drinks
listening to cheesycover bands? it's awesome!!!

what outdoor music encounters do you have planned this spring/summer?


Brooke said...

love it! jealous that you got to go. i need to do the summer series at the arbo this year. I think my boys would love it. xo

allison said...

Brooke-next Thursday is fast lane-the eagles tribut band. My hubby and I will be there:) excited to picnic it up!

Katie said...

Love the whole idea of Coachella!! The Hubbs & I need to make it out one of these years. We religiously go to Strawberry music fest in Yosemite every Labor Day but can't this year bc our baby is due aug. 28th!! It's a Bluegrass fest we are so sad to miss this year :( Enjoy the warm weather!

allison said...

that is so cool katie- i will have to look that one up. i've heard bonaroo is a fun one too. can't believe your baby boy to be is happening soon?!! so exciting:)

Rachel Johnson said...

so jeal that you went to coachella once! i am definitely going next year - you and t-money better join me.

in the meantime - ACL 2011?