Friday, April 29, 2011

royal wedding party

good morning lovelies!
i've been up and celebrating the royal event since 5am
my royal wedding party included- my lady rachel, my lord taylor&myself

breakfast fit for a queen...or a princess!
our research for the big day
the juicy details of kate and williams' dating and relationship
all 100% true, i'm sure
the official royal wedding ceremony program
provided by my lovely guest rachel
another party favor from rachel- my royal crown!!!

the centerpiece that i pre-ordered for the event
thank goodness it came in
truth be told this glorious bag is from dollar general
and the white wedding hydrangas from central market
our view from our posh pad overlooking the palace
aka- the tv in our living room
taylor and i so would have attended if we didn't have arcade fire tomorrow night
priorities people....
hope you enjoyed my mini celebration
of this spectacular moment in history
it's been a splendid affair!
thank you lady rachel and lord taylor
for making it special and oh so posh

so what do you think about the royal wedding?
did you get up early to watch or you more of a dvr/tivo viewer and will check it out later?


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