Thursday, April 21, 2011

music for thursday

music for thursday
water for elephants
(can't wait!)
yes i'm random but go with it:)

when i first heard freelance whales...i wanted to know more
who are these amazing creatures that create this fantastic music?
heres what i found online:

Freelance Whales found one another in late 2008, in Queens, amidst a strange amalgam of unfamiliar instruments, and precariously arranged pop songs. Using whatever musical gadgets they happened upon (mostly harmonium, banjo, glockenspiel, synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums, waterphone), the five members worked at crafting songs with interlocking rhythmic patterns, lush textural layering, and an engaged group-vocal energy. The result is their debut LP, weathervanes, whose songs work at evoking a sense of dislocation, or sensory disorientation.They invite the human spirit to exit the body, if only for brief moments. Freelance Whales can be spotted in the streets and humble venues of New York City, and in due time, elsewhere.

wow-that is a lot of instruments!
i agree with the description of their music that
'invites the human spirit to exit the body'
i know it sounds deep but take a listen for yourself
this is their south by southwest show

in the beginning-i love how their voices become one more instrument
pretty amazing!
and the musician hubby pointed out their 5 part harmony-impressive!!!


Stephanie said...

Oh I adore. I'm going to have to share this.

allison said...

Thanks Stephanie! I love how epic this song is:) perfect for a road trip or running music-