Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend wrap up

morning kids
this weekend was lovely
we stayed in friday night, rented dvds, i made dinner, and we played

obviously we created a masterpiece
after dinner
taylor surprised me with these

watched the top 2
one more to go
found our furbabies' name sake on tv
the 5th element
long live lee lou and corbin dallas
saturday morning we met up with
my rents for some breakfast love
at good to go taco
on sunday at church taylor sang an al green solo
after which the pastor reminded all the ladies in the audience that taylor is in fact married
i thanked him personally for pointing that out
how was everyones weekend?

what do you have to tackle today?
for me it's design estimates
my least favorite part of the business
well here is one number i don't mind dealing with
adele's sophomore album
with multiple reviews calling it 'personal and perfect'


Dorry said...

what a fantastic weekend! I love a date night IN. There's nothing better than dinner in my pjs and slippers. loving adele's album, too!

allison said...

thanks dorry! you and billy have to try draw and fold over- it's silly and free fun:) a night in together is my version of the ultimate stress free date.

tvieger said...

I am still dreaming about Good 2 Tacos! That was the best weekend with you, so far in 2011!