Thursday, March 17, 2011

his and hers- get quirky!

i recently found this amazing online shop
with an array of beautifully designed goods with a sense of humor
for his AND her needs

a beardy dish towel for him and stylish retro pattern for her
a graphic cube vase masculine enough for him
a lovely feminine goudi vase for her
pub coasters for his frosty mug
an ampersand porcelain bowl for her
{and if 'she' happens to be a typography buff even better!}
mustache collection cards for him
orla kiely stem notepad for her
the qwerty wallet for him
twelve watch for her-perfect for the gym

if you aren't convinced yet
check out the QUIRKINESS for yourself!

do you consider yourself quirky? or are you cool as a cucumber?
i'll admit it-i lean much more toward the quirky side and i love it!
life is too short not to be

after all NORMAL is just a setting on your dryer


Dorry said...

I love that purple watch! And I LOVED see you today. We really must get together more often. I feel like we speak the same language about life. :)

Katie said...

I love everything you posted from this site. Especially the 'beer' coasters & dish towels :-)