Thursday, March 31, 2011

a fling with green

spring has sprung
and i'm having a fling
with everything
lean and green smoothie
1 cup almond milk, 1 cup spinach and 1 frozen nanner
tea so beautiful you don't want to use it
a treasured gift from my way cooler, younger and hipper sweet friend laura
she's so cool she brought all the way from paris!
and she plays bass! watch her in action here and here
the smell of this delish almond black tea is to die for!
these cuties are a big fav of my cutie
not technically green but the bowl from anthro is
i'm a sucker for natural handmade soaps
especially ones that smell like lime!
you know you are smitten when you smell it and instantly want to
eat it
wear it as a fragrance
rub it all over you
uniquely beautiful succulents spotted at northpark
i have loved this sent for many years and i keep coming back
i cannot resist how fresh and clean it smells
and with 80% of 2.99 at the gap- hello?! i bought multiples

these paint chip place mats
make me want to through a dinner party asap
or perhaps a 'springy' themed brunch
spotted on etsy

i have been admiring this mineral green beauty for so long i could write a sonnet
about just how lovely it is

it was created using a shipping pallet
i feel a DIY project coming soon
check out this giclée print
illustration by aled lewis
visit the gallery for my personal favorite titled philosoraptor

is there any green headed to your scene this weekend?
i hope to get outdoors and enjoy this lovely weather
happy friday lovelies!


Dorry said...

I love this. Every single thing. Oh, the Gap fragrances, how I still love thee. I think I might go there this weekend and familiarize myself with all of the scents! And the vertical garden takes the cake. I hope to spend time outside this weekend. I started my day with a green smoothie. :)

allison said...

dorry- i loved seeing you last night in the tourchure chamber- i mean gym- ha! :) great to meet billy too. glad you are enjoying a fling with green as well. a green smoothie sounds like a perfect way to start the day!

Coco said...

this makes me happy for spring!

Sarah Sunshine said...

dont laugh i had to think what i a nanner was for a while. i am definitely going to make that smoothie - thanks for the recipe!!