Sunday, March 20, 2011

my fam

this weekend was dedicated to family
the people
that's you handsome hubby
who stick by me through thick and thin

making me die laughing
some smiles along the way

making our home nice and cozy

and keeping it warm
corbin discovered fire this weekend:)

your love makes the less than fun times
much more bearable

hey hey readers!
that's my new cheer for you- do you like it?
what was your weekend dedicated to?


tvieger said...

Alli V, I love being a family with YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love being in your family, too, Alli Vieger! You
R the best daughter ever! Thanks for the daffodils!

allison said...

yay! mama b and cookie finally makes a comment! thanks mom- you are the greatest fam a girl could have. it's official- you are a blogger now:) i think i need to build you a page-

Katie said...

Hi there!! Thanks for your blog love, your kitties are too cute :-)

Dorry said...

y'all are just precious! I love being married to Billy, and now building/organizing/painting our new home. :)