Monday, March 28, 2011

supper club

do you ever make one of those dinners
you want to write home about?
last night i made dinner or supper
as we like to call it down south
that i wanted to immediately blog about
what i loved is how easy it was

step 1
take 1 cup mushrooms/ 1 1/2 cup broccoli/ 1 cup diced butternut squash/ diced 1/2 onion
3 tablespoons olive oil and sizzle/cook on med-high heat for 5 minutes

step 2
add 1/2 cup of simmer sauce to veggies and cover on low heat
you can add more if you like it saucier
like i like my women:)
step 3
choose your protein- chicken, fish, or shrimp pair nicely
we used tilapia- 2 3-4 oz size fillets
cook with a little olive oil and add curry powder and 1/3 cup simmer sauce
(in a separate pan from veggies)

step 4
when fish is cooked - plate veggies and fish
serve and sprinkle with sri lanka flor de sal
(williams sonoma sells this brand & you can also find it in the bulk section at grocery stores like central market)

step 5

the sauce (more info here) is the key for this yummy dish.
i was SO happy to find a gluten AND dairy free sauce to cook with at newflower market.
after taylor took one bite i knew this was going to be a meal we would make again and again.
he gave me that look and then said
'you are the best cook'
well the secrets in the sauce;)
oh and another plus
real coconut flakes- yum!
plus it's certified organic
need i go on?
seriously you have to try it for yourself



Dorry said...

What a delicious SUPPER! This Bird & Bee household needs to try that simmer sauce asap! I'm about to email many forms of communication. :)

Lindsay O'Donnell said...

This looks like a delicious recipe! Nice to find your blog through Fab K's Link Party! :)