Sunday, March 27, 2011

motivational monday

good morning monday!
the weekend never seems to last long enough
this morning i've been battling the monday blues
with some workout inspiration on polyvore

i've always thought it would be so cool to climb a mountain
and then i imagine getting frostbite ....and losing fingers and toes
so for now i'll stick to hiking
i have a positive outlook today
it's monday- i have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish but
i'm not giving up
i've had my spinach this morning and i'm feeling strong
like popeye
at the beginning of the week it always helps me
to re-evaluate things, write down my to-do list and goals for the week
to set my intention
what are YOU setting your intention on today?

whatever it is have a happy motivational monday!


Dorry said...

Yay! Kick Monday's butt. I had my spinach this morning, too. These legs of mine are feeling yesterday's race. Nothing *too* bad, though. :)

I LOVE that Believe in Yourself image. I saved it on my desktop. <3

Dorry said...

p.s. my intentions are to rest, organize and focus since I start lulu training bright and early tomorrow morning!

allison said...

yay for spinach dorry and YAY for you completing your run! that is awesome-very inspiring :)