Friday, March 4, 2011

5 on friday fun!

it's friday
i'm tired of starring at my computer screen all week
i'm ready for some
what's not to love about this felted avocado?
you can find more of PACHOM on etsy

damn you auto correct! has personally affected
my texting correspondence many times
taylor loves to say 'i love you slot' because his favorite text i ever sent was
meant to say 'i love you a lot' and a lot turned into slot
i'm just sayin'

can't wait to play DRAW AND FOLD OVER with taylor
on our 'date night' in tonight
take a piece of paper-fold four times
draw a head
(without the other person seeing)
fold over and pass along until the art work is finished
a funny masterpiece is born
knowing taylor there will be sci-fi and pirate parts galore!
did she say private parts?!

too funny not to share
and last but not least
this beautifully designed business card
how could she not do business with a smile?!
so tell me
what fun is to be had for you on a friday?
it's been a stressful week and this nutty lady....

table for one please
name: CRAZY

needs some laughs :)

have a FUN weekend!