Tuesday, August 2, 2011

major girl crush

let me introduce you to my current girl crush
the singer-songwriter
yes she is modelesque(a word i just made up) pretty and danish
but talk about personal STYLE and THAT VOICE
this tiny dancer can sing!

her injury in her former creative life as a dancer
led her to singing
i love how when one door clothes, another one opens
especially in creative avenues

beautiful fleet floxes cover
of white winter hymnal

love this live version
and the balloons?

it's obvious
that i'm girl crushing in the usa!
but technically it's a european girl crush
since she is from denmark
when i googled her for like the 100th time
{not in a creeper way or anything}
i learned she currently resides in brooklyn
another reason this chic/gifted artist is so cool

any new tuesday tunes you are crushing on?

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