Thursday, August 18, 2011

confession friday!

confession friday
i'm a type a, super planner,
and somewhat of a control freak
my husband gave me the nickname
'super schedule programmer'
like i'm a base camp or something,
aligning our future with the touch of a button
so into sci-fi that guy

i'll admit it though
despite my careful planning of each day
i lay awake at night worrying about the unknown
stuff that i really need to just let go of- and let god!

last week when i was enjoying vacation beachside....
i was able to let go,
{thank god!}
relax and become more of the laid back person i strive to be daily

i realized that there is so much joy
that can be found in the unknown,
in the unplanned moments.
truth be told-those are the most beautiful moments,
full of bliss and awe.
during my time off, i felt free from my demons.
the fact that we didn't have an official bedtime, an alarm clock,
a work schedule, pdfs to send, deadlines to make,
meetings to attend...that helped too of course.
the day to day grind was absent from our lives and we were grateful.
being a non-partisipant in the everyday stuff
made me feel quite enlightened.
but don't get me wrong- i'm not saying to quit your day job and live on a beach.
but if that is an actual job-where can i sign up?
r i g h t !

a little time away stirred some new found inspiration and creativity in me
this weekend we are having a little painting project at our house.
the 30x30 canvases have been bought
and i can't wait to fill them.

i'm a graphic designer by day
for me the devil is in the details
i align type,
make things point 125 of an inch smaller or larger,
lead and kern
jpeg, pdf, high res, mpeg
i could bore you for days...
but my point is-i'm letting my inner perfectionist take a break
i'm ready to embrace my inner messiness.
this little art project
is inspired by living life in color
outside of the lines
with no plans
no order
all chaos
even if it is messy
and i couldn't be more excited!

just a bit of my inspiration
to get things started

i can't wait to share the finished piece with you!
until then- have a fabulous weekend
filled with lots of joy
and maybe some unplanned blissful moments too!


Steve said...

Awesome, very thoughtful, great insight!

Sarah Sunshine said...

yay! can't wait to see it!