Monday, August 1, 2011

around the house

happy monday
after being gone the majority of last week
for my girlfriend erins' beautiful wedding in breckenridge
{pics coming soon}
i have a major nesting bug
although my trip was wonderful
i always appreciate my home and comfy bed
so much more after being away

i took some shots around the house
of the little things that nourish me when i am home

i love the quote on the oak cliff coffee roasters' beans
'coffee is not simply about what you consume, but what you create'

waking up with this stinker
never gets old
and yes that is our messy garage:)
i mean come on- what a cute rugrat!
i love the amazing smell of mint at our dining room table
and even more so when it's picked fresh from my herb garden
i'm such a proud mama that i've been able to keep my green herbs alive
in this crazy triple digit heat
texas summers are such scorchers!
my take on a green thumb
new succulent planter on our back porch
i never get bored of pics around the house
i love seeing peoples' home environments and surroundings
one of my favorite sites
never ceases to inspire me
with the amazing photographs of peoples' places and spaces

i could spend hours looking at
such great design and amazing rooms!


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Beth said...

Allison ~ It was so nice to meet you on Sunday. I loved our breakfast at Good 2 Go Taco and spending time with you & Rachel. Thank you for the beautiful, fragrant mint bouquet. So sweet. I look forward to our next get together! LOVE. Beth