Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i surrender

for real yall'
i'm waving a white flag to surrender the summer
i can't take the heat anymore
i need fall and winter to come quick

i'm ready for stacks of cardigans and sweaters

for snuggly blankets
and lots of cuddling
for campfires and smores
and for long hair(grow faster dang it)
and blazers, jackets and scarfs!
it's an official summer surrender
is anyone else as done as i am?
stay cool lovelies!


Taylor Vieger said...

I summer surrender too! UNCLE!

Dorry said...

I am SO READY. I surrender, too. At least we'll hopefully both get a temperature break this weekend on our New York adventures. :)

allison said...

Dorry-I'll keep my fingers crossed we get cooler temps in ny! Tv-uncle to the third!