Monday, July 18, 2011

this and THAT!

good day sunshine!
last night taylor and i went to an amazing
cd event(release) at fellowship church downtown
this week begins week 2
last week i did crossfit 5 times!?!
normally to be able to walk in the morning, like out of bed
i usually do 3 classes a week
{and i'm not kidding about the walking thing-it's painful}
i'm trying to look at the bright side,
because honestly 8 weeks feels pretty long right now
hence this quote

had some fun this weekend trying this
'alternating hues' style of painting
my ring finger on both hands is an essie purple
(i'll spare you the visual- my cuticles aren't ready for their close up)
it's a great accent for displaying some bling

speaking of BLING
they got engaged on friday
and i'm so thrilled for the happy couple
pssst: when's the big day?
kidding! (kind of)
i love you GABBY!

how was your weekend?
what's going on with you today?
for me- i have the hubby home from work
(he has the day off:)
i have some design work
and a meeting this morning
might squeeze in some fun adventures this afternoon


Coco said...

Love you alli!!! We are thinking late spring 2012. :) Can't wait to plan with you!

allison said...

can't wait!!!!! yay- a spring WEDDing! i like the sound of that- the party planning is going to be so fun:) xo!

Dorry said...

5 days of CrossFit is intense! Good for you! I'm going tomorrow as part of our community day, but I always get nervous. We had a great weekend - busy as usual with work and play, but no complaints. :)

Congrats to Gabby!!