Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fashion no more

i have a confession
i heart fashion magazines
they are my guilty pleasure
lucky and nylon
are my number one pics
but to be completely honest
i buy many others on a regular basis
it's a problem
every year i make a resolution to stop
so on my current quest for less
i like the sound of that
i have decided to give up
fashion magazines


taylor an i have been talking more
about starting a family
and the environment
we would want to raise our children in
i know i wouldn't want my daughter
reading fashion magazines
and they don't exactly fall into
the soul nuturing category
i am trying to challenge myself to find more worth and truth
in life and focus on the things that really matter

PRADAS' new fall line doesn't really matter
PLUS really no one needs
to know about the latest and greatest
in designer wear
(it might be an added plus but not a need)
as a designer who loves all things print
i can admit that the pictures are really beautiful
but if i really need my fix
i can grab some tea at a book store
camp there and read more 100dollars worth without buying
all those glossies to end up
stacked up in our house taking up more space

so cheers to less!
anything YOU are doing less of
in order to have more??
i need inspiration to stay on track


Dorry said...

I'm worrying LESS to have MORE time to enjoy the gifts of everyday. :)

allison said...

LOVE that dorry- that's one i need to work:)