Thursday, July 7, 2011

mantra(s) for summer

hello lovelies!
how are you?

in my ongoing quest for less
tv and i have decided to
it will cut down our bills
and with hulu
we won't be missing out
on our favorite shows
the plug is officially pulled at the end of july
luckily last night i caught up on some
kardashian- not exactly in the 'soul nourishing' cateory
but we also watched the hbo film
temple grandin
that leveled out the trashiness of the previous choice:)
claire danes is awesome as temple
and it is a very moving film and i highly recommend it
(you can kill your tv and watch it online)

i love everything about this manifesto
all perfect mantras for fun summer activities
i love how one word can apply to so many areas of life
grow spiritually
grow in truth
grow in love
grow healthfully
grow green!
found this list of things to enjoy about summer
l o v e e v e r y o n e

what is your summer mantra?


Dorry said...

good for you! kill the TV. :) I don't watch much TV these days. We have 1 TV in our home, and sometimes we watch movies or The Office together. Billy likes TV a little bit more than I do. :) Hmmmm - summer mantra: relaxed productivity...

allison said...

relaxed productivity- love it! that should be a yoga pose- i wonder if it would be seated or standing - maybe a combination of both:)

Kyla said...

I just moved to a new apartment and left the tv behind! i'm hoping i'll find better things to do :)

Also, i LOVE temple grandin and balled my eyes out in the movie.