Tuesday, July 12, 2011


this shot of Hotel du Cap Eden Roc gives me a case of wanderlust
a cute birdie i know posted about it yesterday

i love yoga humor-it never gets old

this room and the art on the wall makes my heart sing
you know how when you meet someone new and right off the bat you like them
that's how i feel about this room
type humor
it never gets old either
architectural pottery is genius
see more of these beauties here


how simple and lovely is this piece???

the hair, the deer, the sunshine and the woman
so tender
random...the colors remind me of the 1986 film crocodile dundee
my brothers and i would watch it when we had a babysitter
a vhs favorite

what are you loving today?
i'm loving my hubby for his constant positivity
it keeps this constant worrier in check

oh and at this very moment


Dorry said...

wanderlust! makes life so much fun to daydream about travel...and to plan trips for the future. I LOVE Brigitte Bardot. And today I'm loving that it's my day off from lululemon, and Billy and I are both working from home. :)

allison said...

enjoy your time off dorry! i love brigette too- such a girly girl:)

Coco said...

Love this post, I am loving you! I'm having a SFVNFL! (Sugar free vanilla non-fat latte.) Longing for a nap since I ran at 5am. XO!

allison said...

aww thanks gabby! latte sounds delish:) i latte you a lot;)